Never Depend on Inflatable Flotation Devices

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Should I Teach My Child How To Swim With A Flotation Device?

Never Depend on Inflatable Flotation Devices

Teach your children to never depend on inflatable flotation devices. This could attribute to a false sense of security should your child get past the swimming pool fencing area. Inflatable flotation devices are not always reliable and can malfunction because of the smallest puncture.
Instead, teach your child to obey strict rules governing conduct around the swimming pool (public or private) and check your swimming pool fence regularly to be sure its reliable.
Enroll you and your child in a swimming program that will teach both of you how to become strong swimmers. These classes are offered at the local YMCA or through your city's Parks and Recreation department. You can also find private individuals and organizations that offer swimming lesson program. The classes typically span four to six weeks per session and generally meet once a week for 30 minutes to one hour each time.
The classes will teach you what to do in a pool emergency and proper lifesaving techniques. Taking the class together can update you on proper procedures and ensure you and your child's level of confidence in your swimming abilities.



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