Child Care Providers Should Learn CPR

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Should My Child Care Provider Have Training In The Event of A Swimming Emergency?

Child Care Providers Should Learn CPR

Good life-saving techniques, in addition to installing a baby barrier around the perimeter of your swimming pool area, is to require that everyone in your home over the age of 14 learn CPR and have some form of emergency training.
Additionally, any childcare providers (including babysitters, relatives and friends) should also have CPR training in the event of any emergency - not just drowning.
CPR training is typically offered at local hospitals, police stations, the YMCA, the American Red Cross and various other facilities. Check with your local Yellow Page listings to find providers in your area. Some trainers will even schedule home or group consultations.
To make sure techniques are properly learned, most providers recommend a course that spans a few days, or weeks if necessary, versus trying to learn in one day.
Teach your child care provider that if your child is missing, look in the swimming pool first because if the child has penetrated the swimming pool fence, time is the most important factor. In addition, CPR and emergency techniques learned in training can help to save your child's life.



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