Teach Proper Swimming Pool Behavior

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What Is The Best Way To Teach Children to Obey Pool Rules?

Teach Proper Swimming Pool Behavior

Teach your children to never run or engage in rough play around the swimming pool and within the swimming pool fence. There are still ways to have fun within the swimming pool safety fence while following safety guidelines.

Running around a swimming pool is dangerous because the concrete is slick with excess water, which can cause someone to fall. Concrete is unforgiving, so a fall can result in a serious injury.

Additionally, someone could fall into the swimming pool, potentially causing that person to drown, hit his or her head on the side or bottom of the pool or injure another swimmer.

Tell children and guests exactly what the rules are, what behavior is expected and what the consequences are when rules are broken.

This contributes to mature water safety habits for everyone using the swimming pool.



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