Never Swim Alone

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Is It Safe to Swim Alone?

Never Swim Alone

Teach your children that it is never a good idea to swim alone.
Even swimming pool fencing, first aid kits, and other precautionary measures will not help anyone who is swimming alone and gets a sudden cramp or falls into some other form of distress. Swimming alone is dangerous for swimmers of all levels and ages.
Have at least one other person with you when you are swimming. Children should have an adult present at all times — even if there are other children around.

Should you decide to swim alone, alert others in your home when you will be in the swimming pool. Ask them to check on you often and set a time to go back inside. Open windows that border the side of your home with the swimming pool so that those inside can hear your calls for help if you fall into distress.
These precautions can save your life if you find yourself in an emergency when swimming alone.



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