Mesh Safety Fencing Boasts Durability

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How Durable Is Mesh Safety Fencing?

Mesh Safety Fencing Boasts Durability

Mesh is a tough, durable material and one that is popular among swimming pool fencing manufacturers.
The reason for this is that most mesh swimming pool fencing is made of a polyester fabric, usually woven with a basket weave and specially coated with a polyvinyl coating. The combination of the special polyester material and the polyvinyl coating (which is put on the fence during production) makes this type of mesh safety fencing one of the most durable swimming pool fences available.
Even under the most extreme conditions, mesh safety fencing is difficult to rip, shred or deteriorate.
This is beneficial because it is added assurance that without going through the safety gate, your child will not be able penetrate the mesh safety fence.



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