California And Florida Have Stricter Laws Regarding Pool Safety

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Are Laws Stricter In Some States Regarding Pool Safety?

California And Florida Have Stricter Laws Regarding Pool Safety

Laws regarding the use of swimming pool barriers are stricter in the states of California and Florida because there are higher numbers of drownings in those states. The climates in those state dictate a high number of water activities, which is why is so important that strict legislation was passed to add protection to those children spending large amounts of time engaged in water play. Visit he U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for more information on safety awareness campaigns in these states.



9/2/2009 8:26:21 PM
Marc said:

What's a law says fencing required, a statute, a code, a precedent, I love it when people say there is a law.......duh....theres a law for everything but what authority?


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