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In Addition To A Barrier, What Other Form of Protection Should I Consider for Pool Safety?

Alarm System Adds Protection to Pool Safety Plan

Another good child safety barrier is an alarm system for the pool area.
Try installing alarms on all doors leading up to your pool area. This can include screen or glass doors opening onto your patio and any other exit/entrance around your pool area. This type of child safety product can alert you when a door has been opened unexpectedly or unintentially and can prevent potential life-threatening situations.

Is a safety net a good child safety barrier?

Safety Net Is Innovative Child Safety Barrier

A safety net for your pool is an innovative way to establish a child safety barrier around the swimming pool area in your backyard.
This form of child safety barrier is a net that spans the entire surface of the swimming pool. The net is kept still by steel plates strategically placed around the pool and can be removed with a single portion of rope.
A pool safety net can be custom fit with any size pool or hot tub and is a reliable child safety barrier to make your pool area less of a hazard to young children and more of a place where you and your family can relax in peace and comfort.

What Kind of Pool Cover Should I Purchase?

Power-Operated Pool Covers Can Help Prevent Drowning

A power-operated pool cover can be placed over your pool when it is not in use. A properly installed pool cover can help to prevent drownings from children wandering into the pool area. Most pool covers on the market today are made to withstand the weight of a small child. A pool cover, however, should not be used in lieu of child safety fencing; rather use a power-operated pool cover in addition to child safety fencing around your swimming pool area.

What is the best method of supervision for swimming pool parties?

Designate a "Spotter" for Pool Parties

If you throw a pool party, target two or three adults who are strong swimmers and are trained in CPR and emergency response to watch over everyone in the swimming pool. This is the same concept as appointing a designated driver.
A spotter will watch swimmers closely during gatherings to ensure that no one goes into distress unnoticed. The person you appoint should be reliable and willing to shoulder the responsibility.

Can Teaching My Child How to Swim Prevent Drownings?

Teach Children How To Swim

There are a number of organizations and locations offering swimming lessons in any town (one of the more popular is the local YMCA). In conjuction with a child safety barrier and pool fences, knowing how to swim can help to save your child's life in an accidental drowning situation. Teach your child how to float, practice jumping into the swimming pool and immediately swimming to the side wall as well as other swimming methods to assist in survival should an accident occur.

Should My Family Learn CPR?

Safety 101: Learn CPR

Everyone in your family should learn Cardio Pulminary Resuscitation, or CPR. In addition to baby guards (which include alarms and baby safety fencing), accidents do end up happening and if you and your family are all trained in CPR, you may be able to save your child's life in an emergency.

What Sort of Pool Alarm Would Be Best?

Floating Pool Alarm Unique Safety Method

A floating pool alarm is another form of child safety barrier available in today's market. If a baby safety fence is penetrated, a floating pool alarm would be set off if your child falls into the swimming pool. However, it is important to remember that there must be some sort of significant disturbance of the water in your swimming pool to set off the alarm. Otherwise, it won't alert you to the fact that your child has entered the swimming pool.

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