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Do I Have To Keep My Removable Fence Up At All Times?

Keep Removable Fence Up

One benefit to a removable fence is the ability to take down the fence on certain occassions. For garden parties or outside dining occassions, a removable pool fence can be stored away while your guests are outside. However, it's important to remember that once the pool fence comes down there is no protection in place from falling. If you have a lot of children in your neighborhood, in addition to children of your own, make it a household rule to only take down the removable fencing for parties or special events and put it back up immediately after. The effectiveness of removable pool fencing is not efficient if its not erected full-time to keep children out of your swimming pool area.

How Much Weight Should My Removable Fence Be Able To Handle?

Removable Fence Shound Be Strong

A removable fence should be able to withstand the weight of more than one child.
Most removable pool fencing manufacturer say that their fencing products can withstand at least 200 pounds. Test the material of the fence before you purchase it or ask your fencing contractor for a demonstration or some sort. You will feel better seeing for yourself how much weight your removable fence can withstand.

Do I Need A Removable Fence Around My Hot Tub Area?

Removable Fence Ideal For Hot Tub/Spa Area

Consider a removable fence for your hot tub/spa area. Most people do not see the need for fencing around this area. However, it it is prudent to remember that it only takes a few inches of water for a child to drown. Consider a removable fence around the area when it is not in use to prevent any potential accidents.

What Kind Of Pole Should I Use For My Removable Fence?

Poles For Removable Fence

There are several types of poles that come with removable fencing products. Each type of pole is specific for the material used on your removable fence. You want to be sure that your pole is made of stainless steel and will not deteriorate in harsh weather conditions. Be sure that your pool contractor has chosen the right one for your landscaping and ask questions about the durability of the removable pool fence products and what kind of maintenance you will need to perform and how often they will come back for routine maintenance that should be handled by a professional.

I Don't Have Children. Do I Need A Removable Fence Around My Pool?

Even If You Don't Have Children, Removable Fencing Is Good Idea

Consider a removable fence even if you do not have children. Elderly people, pets, and wildlife are also susceptible to falling into swimming pools and drowning.
While there is a big focus on child safety, pool safety is good practice for everyone. Talk to your contractor to be sure that all safety regulations have been met prior to opening your pool for the season.

Should I Cover The Holes Left By My Removable Pool Fence?

Cover Removable Pool Fencing Holes

The holes left by your removable fence can cause unexpected falls or other accidents around the swimming pool area. You should invest in a material or product to cover the holes around your swimming pool when you decide to take down your removable swimming pool fence. From plugs and caps to dirt, you have a number of options depending on the period of time in which fence will be removed. Ask your removable pool fence retailer which product would be best to fill in the holes temporarily until you put the fence back up.

How Should I Store My Removable Fence?

Proper Storage Will Make Removable Fencing Last Longer

Storage of your removable fence is key to longevity of the product. There are instructions that come with the removable fencing to show you how to properly store the fence when it's not in use. Be sure that wherever you keep it, it is out of reach of children. You may also consider asking your swimming pool fencing contractor to give you a demonstration of the all of the steps to take it down and store to give you a better idea of what do in the future.

Who Should I Hire To Install My Removable Pool Fence?

Hire Licensed Contractor to Install Removable Fence

Removable swimming pool fencing should only be handled by a licensed, bonded, insured fencing company. A good removable fencing company will have a variety of specialty swimming pool fences and should be able to answer questions about the product. The company should provide a guarantee on your choice of removable pool fencing and provide maintenance should there be problems with the swimming pool fence after installation.

Where Should I Put Up My Removable Pool Fence?

Plan Best Spot For Removable Swimming Pool Fence

When planning the best spot for your removable swimming pool fence, consider the land around your swimming pool. Is there a patio in close proximity or are you planning for one in the future? Is there grass or dirt in the area? How often do you plan to remove the fence?
All of these are factors in the best placement for your removable swimming pool fence and whether or not the initial place will always be the best one.

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