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What Should I Look For In A Swimming Pool Fencing Contractor?

Get Samples of Work

Ask your swimming pool fencing contractor to see samples of his/her work before you assign the job of constructing your swimming pool fence.
Ask for references, photos and if possible, an opportunity to see some of the company's most recent work in person.
Interview at least three different swimming pool fence contractors and gauge which one you are most comfortable with. Whose work were you most impressed with? Where did you get the best estimate, and who has the best presentation in general? These questions and your research will be beneficial in finding the right contractor to construct a safe barrier for your pool.

Do I Need A Fence Around My Hot Tub?

Hot Tubs and Spas Should Be Fenced In As Well

A pool fence should also enclose the area around a hot tub or outdoor spa area.
You can either set up your swimming pool fence around the perimeter of your hot tub or erect a different fence all together to protect children from accidentally stumbling into a hot tub or spa.
Remember that it only takes a few inches of water for a child to drown. Do not believe that because the structure is not a large swimming pool, the danger is diminished in any way.

Is Tension-Based Support Important To My Swimming Pool Fence?

Tension-Based Support in Fencing

Tension-based support is very common for swimming pool fencing. The tension rods are located on the poles and latches of your swimming pool. They help to keep the fence steady and stable, particularly if it is being shaken or disturbed in any way. Ask your swimming pool fencing contractor about setting up tension-based support in the support areas of your swimming pool fence to make it more reliable.

Do I Need More Than A Swimming Pool Fence?

Add Layers of Protection Around Swimming Pool

Swimming pool fencing works best when used in conjunction with other products.
In addition to all of the fencing and alarms on and around your swimming pool fence, consider an alarm on any windows leading to the pool area.
Make sure they are loud and distinctive to alert you when your child has potentially used one to get to the swimming pool area. Listen to the sounds of different alarms before you purchase one. Ask the retailer if there is a way to customize the alarm, change the volume or add features to make the alarm work best for your swimming pool area.
This is an added layer of protection, working with a swimming pool fence.

What Should I Look For In A Swimming Pool Fence?

Baby Safety Fence Is Important For Swimming Pool Area

Construct a baby safety fence around the perimeter of your swimming pool.
Be sure that the latch on the gate cannot be reached by small children and that the baby safety fence is at least four feet high around the swimming pool area.
There should be no footholds on the bottom of the fence — making it easy for a child to climb over. The pool fence should form a distinct barrier between your swimming pool area and your outdoor living space.

Does It Matter What Kind of Products I Use For My Swimming Pool Gate?

Purchase Top Products For Swimming Pool Fence

A stainless steel latching system for your fence will help your swimming pool fence and pool fence gate withstand the test of time, weather and heat.
Swimming pool fence retailers sell products in a number of price ranges. While this does not mean the less expensive products will not work as well as others, pool safety is an area of home improvement where it is prudent to purchase the best products you can afford.

How Much Space Should I Leave Between The Top of My Above Ground Pool And My Fence?

Keep Space Between Bottom of Fence and Top of Above Ground Pool

There should be minimal space between the bottom of your swimming pool fence and the top of your above ground pool. While you wouldn't want a child to squeeze through, most children are curious and if your child makes an attempt to push through the fence it's advisable to have some wiggle room. They may get caught under a fence for a few minutes, but a few scratches and bruises is more manageable than a child inadvertently falling into the water.
Talk to your swimming pool fence contractor about leaving no more than four inches worth of space between the space and the above ground pool as a safety precaution.

What Should I Look For When I Am Maintaining My Swimming Pool Fence?

Pool Fence Maintenance Is Key

A pool fence is one of the most popular and reliable forms of protection in terms of swimming pool safety. However, maintenance is key when dealing with a swimming pool fence. Not only should you be sure that there are no tears or holes in your fence, but you should also check regularly that your pool fencing is sturdy. This involves checking poles and other materials responsible for holding your swimming pool fence erect.
Make sure that every part of the pool fence is properly connected and that poles are not wobbly or unstable in any way. Not only can this cause an accident, but also if your pool safety fence were to fall, it could also damage your swimming pool area.
Have your swimming pool fencing contractor check this every time they maintenance your fence. You should also check at least once a week to make sure your swimming pool fence is in good condition.

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