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Are Laws Stricter In Some States Regarding Pool Safety?

California And Florida Have Stricter Laws Regarding Pool Safety

Laws regarding the use of swimming pool barriers are stricter in the states of California and Florida because there are higher numbers of drownings in those states. The climates in those state dictate a high number of water activities, which is why is so important that strict legislation was passed to add protection to those children spending large amounts of time engaged in water play. Visit he U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for more information on safety awareness campaigns in these states.

Do Other Countries Have Swimming Pool Laws?

Pool Safety Laws Take Hold Internationally

Laws regarding barriers around swimming pools have taken hold internationally.
Countries including Britain and France stipulate the public pools, and in some places private pools, have some sort of child safety fencing around the perimeter.
However, you should check with the city and/or country you are visiting or living in to see exactly what the laws stipulate as they are all different.

What Is Nevada's Stance On Pool Safety?

Nevada Encourages Homeowners To Use Safety Fencing

Nevada also encourages homeowners to use child safety fencing in residential pools to keep children and others who cannot swim from entering unsupervised. Laws such as Nevada's teach the general public about the benefits of pool fences and pool safety to prevent accidents from occurring.

Is My Apartment Complex Required To Have A Safety Barrier Around Pool Area?

Apartment Complexes Required To Have Safety Fence Around Pool Area

Apartment complexes and other public pool settings are governed by strict state guidelines as well as individual stipulations, which vary by organization.
Most include the requirement of a child safety fence of some sort. If your community pool does not have a child safety fence, be sure to check with your local government to see if your city or state requires a barrier around the swimming pool area.

What Are The Pool Safety Laws In Houston?

Houston Requires Fencing Around Swimming Pool Area

Houston also has stipulations regarding a pool fence used for swimming pool safety.

The Houston Department of Heath and Human Services released literature to residents with the requirement that pools must have a child safety barrier spanning at least 48 inches in height with a self-closing, self-latching gate.

Bylaws such as this one highlight the importance of having a baby fence around your swimming pool area to prevent potential accidents.

What Can I Do If There Are No Laws In My Community Regarding Pool Safety?

Lobby For Laws In Your Community Regarding Pool Safety

If there are no laws governing the use of safety fencings and the construction of a child safety fence in your community, consider lobbying your local government officials or state legislators. Drownings can happen anywhere and the numbers will continue to rise unless people are required to institute at least the mainstay of protection -- pool fencing -- around their swimming pool area. Contact your local state representative or city councilor for more information on drawing a petition for pool safety.

Is There A State That Targets Elderly In Its Laws About Pool Safety?

Florida Laws Name Elderly

Florida law is one of the few in the country to include the elderly in its laws about swimming pools.
In its stipulation regarding a child safety fence, barriers must be placed far away from the swimming pool so that children or elderly people cannot accidentally fall in through it. With a large senior population, it's important that Florida has laws, including those about pool safety, specifically targeting seniors.

What Are Laws About Pools In Family Day Cares In New York?

New York Safety Law For Family Day Cares With Pools

New York has a requirement regarding family day cares and swimming pools.
The law says that a child safety fence, or another safety barrier, must be erected around swimming pools and/or bodies of water (large or small) at homes that operate as family day cares.
This law is important because their a large numbers of small children playing in and around family day cares and the likelihood increases that a child could wander away from the caregivers in the day care.

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