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Do The Types of Components Holding My Fence Together Matter?

Stainless Steel Best Choice For Fence Components

Latches and fasteners are also an important aspect of mesh fencing. It is important that anything holding your mesh safety fencing together not rust or deteriorate over a short period.
Many swimming pool fencing companies that specialize in mesh fencing use products that are stainless steel for all fasteners, latches and other points of contact that hold your mesh baby fencing together.
It is important that the company uses durable, strong products because your fence could collapse with little or no warning once one of the products has rusted.
Stainless steel is simply the best choice for all screws, bolts, fasteners, latches and other components holding your mesh baby fencing together.

Can Wire Mesh Fencing Keep Animals Out Of Swimming Pool Area?

Wire Mesh Fencing Keeps Animals Out Of Swimming Pool Area

Wire mesh fencing is the best way to keep animals out of your swimming pool area. Made of a tough wire material and is often seen on chain link fences, wire mesh fencing makes it difficult for animals to chew through, burrow under, or find other ways to enter the swimming pool area.
Wire mesh material is tough and is made specifically for durability and security. If you have pets or a significant amount of wildlife in your area, let your mesh pool fencing contractor know. They can give you several wire mesh swimming pool fencing options that will deter kids, pets and other unauthorized guests from entering your swimming pool area.

How Durable Is Mesh Safety Fencing?

Mesh Safety Fencing Boasts Durability

Mesh is a tough, durable material and one that is popular among swimming pool fencing manufacturers.
The reason for this is that most mesh swimming pool fencing is made of a polyester fabric, usually woven with a basket weave and specially coated with a polyvinyl coating. The combination of the special polyester material and the polyvinyl coating (which is put on the fence during production) makes this type of mesh safety fencing one of the most durable swimming pool fences available.
Even under the most extreme conditions, mesh safety fencing is difficult to rip, shred or deteriorate.
This is beneficial because it is added assurance that without going through the safety gate, your child will not be able penetrate the mesh safety fence.

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