Textilene Mesh Is Top Choice in Mesh Fencing

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What Is Textilene Mesh?

Textilene Mesh Is Top Choice in Mesh Fencing

Several companies offer a Textilene mesh in their mesh safety fencing. This type of mesh fencing is superior for several reasons:

It utilizes an open weave style of stitching, which allows for the mix of durability and the ability of homeowners to view their pool areas from outside of the mesh baby fencing.

It passed challenges against other mesh fences conducted by the American Standards for Testing Materials and came out on top in almost every challenge.

It has been proven very resistant, can withstand harsh weather, and has passed a number of endurance challenges in laboratory tests.

If you are searching for a mesh fence that has been proven to last, talk to your swimming pool fencing retailer or manufacturer about purchasing a mesh baby fence made with textilene mesh.



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