Wristwatch Alarm Can Alert You To Possible Drowning

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What Is A Wristwatch Alarm?

Wristwatch Alarm Can Alert You To Possible Drowning

There may be a time when your child gains access to the swimming pool area, regardless of a pool safety fence. There are several precautionary measures you can take to alert you when there are signs of trouble.
One idea is to give your child a wristwatch alarm. A unique device that acts as an alarm and is no bigger than a wristwatch can help to save your child's life if he/she inadvertently falls into the water.
If your child falls into the water, the wristwatch alarm sets off a loud alarm at the "base," which is generally located at a central location in the house. This alerts you that your child is in the water and in distress.
While the wristwatch alarm is a good preventive measure, it does not take the place of careful spotting. Keep careful watch of children in the pool area at all times.



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